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* The LAM MPI homepage:
* The Open MPI homepage:
* The MPICH homepage:
* Various MPI implementations (alphebetical -- please add more!):
** FT-MPI homepage:
** LA-MPI homepage:
** LAM MPI homepage:
** MPICH homepage:
** MVAPICH homepage:
** Open MPI homepage:

This wiki is for the MPI community, by the MPI community. Its intent is to provide a repository of MPI knowledge for users, system administrators, and developers. Care to share some common parallel programming techniques that would be useful to others? Got some information that you wish you had known when you started parallel programming? Feel the need to writeup a HOWTO or a tutorial on your favorite MPI subtopic?

Your contributions are not only welcome, they are encouraged!

Although there is likely to be some MPI implementation-specific information on this site, you should feel free to share any MPI information -- regardless of the implementation that you use. If you don't see a section for your favorite implemention, please feel free to create one.

Topics on this site:

Useful External MPI Resources:

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See How can I contribute to this wiki? for details.

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